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Soundshock - Debut Albums of 2012

Number 9 in Soundshock's top 10 debut albums of 2012


9. Old Corpse Road – ‘Tis Witching Hour… As Spectres We Haunt This Kingdom’ [Godreah]
Old Corpse Road have announced their birth into UK heritage-inspired metal with this haunting debut album. Inspired by the mythical romanticism of British folklore and donning a sound not unlike the early blackened blasts of Cradle Of Filth – fused with their own trademark folky vibes and epic choirs – the five-piece offer us a magical debut with ‘…As Spectres We Haunt This Kingdom’.

Northwind Promotion - Albums of 2012

Album number 3 in Northwind Promotions top 10 albums of 2012


"What I love about OCR, is that in the current expanse of seemingly unoriginal acts out there, they have forged a different path for themselves and have a successfully unique sound2 10/10

Destructive Music - Albums of 2012

Several writers albums of 2012 for Destructive Music


2012 has been a spectacular year, and instead of a massive speech I’ll let the bands speak for themselves! Here is the Destructive Music writers poll for the best albums of 2012! One thing to note from the lists, OLD CORPSE ROAD seems to be a popular choice!

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