Sonic Abuse - Top 12 Records of 2012

Sonic Abuse's Top 12 Records of 2012

Old Corpse Road – ‘Tis Witching Hour – As Spectres We Haunt The Kingdom’

An album of such elemental beauty that it fair eclipsed all that came before it. Taking elements from My Dying Bride’s Shakespearean delivery, traditional folk music and the stunning black metal of Burzum and Bathory, Old Corpse Road shattered even the worryingly high expectations we had for them after their debut. Simply amazing, it is the sort of album that leaves you slack-jawed in amazement after the first listen, and in no lesser sense of awe after subsequent listens. The highlight is the three-part story that haunts the centre of the album – ‘the crier of Claiffe’ – but there are no weak moments here and there is no doubt that this epic work of story-telling will still be revered in decades to come.