Speed Slaughter Review - March 2014

Speed Slaughter Review - March 2014


The Infernal Sea - Tannis Root.

Now for those who are familiar with Call Of The Augur and The Crypt Sessions then you will know that The Infernal Sea are one's for the use of lengthy intro’s and outro’s, Which for a lot of people can be a bad thing but when it comes to The Infernal Sea it is well needed to build atmosphere and effect for what is to follow. This song Tannis Root is no exception. Opening with the sound of what seems to be a demon reveling in a damp torture chamber slowly building to the point where the metal is released with a crash of thunder. The Infernal Sea’s black metal injected with death leaps out and goes straight for the throat. There is a very Gorgoroth style/sound in this song which would probably fit quite happily on Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt, though that is not to say that this song isn’t distinctly The Infernal Sea.

Subject matter for this song is something, which i personally love, being that of Rosemary’s Baby. Tannis Root being a ingredient put in the “health drink” made by the Castevet’s whilst she is pregnant, which in turn is a step taken for the birth of the new Antichrist, Adrian. Some people may have a problem with using “fiction” in songs but when it is a well respected movie where the inspiration comes from such as Rosemary’s Baby then who care’s! This song definitely proves a natural progression for The Infernal Sea and this song proves it. The energy in this song is massive! And Dean’s vocals are vicious as ever! Certainly one that will be a brilliant one to play live, especially with its sing along chorus. “HAIL, HAIL, HAIL, HAIL ADRIAN!”

Old Corpse Road – The Sockburn Worm.

With a title like “The Sockburn Worm” without knowing what the song was about you could possibly think of condom’s and dick’s! But joking aside this is Old Corpse Road at their heaviest. Definitely one of the fastest songs they have done so far and would find it difficult to fit onto The Echoes Of Tales Once Told or The Bones Of This Land Are Not Speechless. Leaning towards the faster heavier side isn’t a bad but with a band like Old Corpse Road and what they have become known for may well be a bold move that some might think could backfire. Personally i love this song and it screams Old Corpse Road just with a bit more added bite. Black metal? Check. English history/legends? Check. Acoustic and spoken word passages? Check. This is a song that ticks all the boxes and doesn’t skip on the goods.

Old Corpse Road are in a sense doing a job in black metal what Tolkien did with literature. Trying to preserve and carry on a “mythology” that England has long since lost and forgotten. These guy’s should be national treasures! Who say’s metal can’t be educational and informing?! There is no such other intellectual and sophisticated genre of music and Old Corpse Road know their stuff and they have so many layers and dimensions that you always end up finding more. You might think putting The Infernal Sea and Old Corpse Road together on a split might be a bit of a weird choice given styles, philosophies and subject matter but that is what makes it work more. Who wants to listen to a split that is of bands with the exact same style, sound and outlook. It would get boring and these 2 bands and 2 songs are certainly NOT boring. 2 of English black metal’s finest and i am proud to share this scene and music with them.

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.