Soundscape Magazine Review - March 2014

Soundscape Magazine Review - March 2014

Good UK black metal is often hard to come by, but two bands doing the scene justice are The Infernal Sea and Old Corpse Road, so the premise of them releasing a split 7″ together is an absolutely fantastic idea and the two bands have created something brilliant with Insidious Art And Serpentine Rites.


Side A features Tannis Root by The Infernal Sea. Beginning with majestically atmospheric noise and effects, it slowly builds things up until the band kick in with crushing riffs and powerful vocals. Tannis Root just seems to sum up everything that is good about this band and there’s a great amount of energy and ‘urgency’ to the track in addition to everything else – The Infernal Sea have delivered more than just a good song, they’ve delivered a work of art and is perhaps one of their best tracks to date.

Things continue incredible strongly with side B showcasing Old Corpse Road’s The Sockburn Worm. This track takes a slightly more of a melodic route, which juxtaposes nicely with the aggressiveness of The Infernal Sea, and the clean vocals on a few occasions work incredibly well – sounding so massive that I can already hear crowds singing the sections back to the band in earnest! A beautiful piece that brings the release to a satisfying close.

A most excellent offering from the two bands – if you’re unfamiliar with either of the bands, this can serve as a great starting point for you to get into them.