Loucifer Speaks Review - April 2014

Loucifer Speaks Review - April 2014


Last week I reviewed two bands that I am currently obsessed with (Cruelty’s Heart and Frostwork) and now I get to review another two! When I say ‘review’, I actually mean ‘write exceedingly nice and excited things about’. I’ll try to remain as neutral as possible though.


Each band has offered up one new track for this split and we’ll start with The Infernal Sea’s “Tannis Root”. This track has The Infernal Sea stamped all over it – from its chilling and tension building intro to Dean Lettice’s face-ripping vocals. The music is drenched in evil; the sounds of a dark and unyielding creature, slithering its way out of whichever circle of Hell it called home and into your soul. Wonderful stuff.

Old Corpse Road do things a little differently; they do Black Metal the OCR way. “The Sockburn Worm” makes use of the band’s selection of vocalists, each with their own distinct style. The result is a heady mix of shrieks, growls and chants – guaranteed to keep you on your toes. As with OCR’s previous work, “The Sockburn Worm” contains more than a nod to the band’s Folk influences with traditional sounding melodies combined expertly with frantic Black Metal riffs.

At only two tracks, this release is a bit of a tease. It pulls you into each band’s world and leaves you hungry more (and, if this is the case for you, I highly recommend buying the previous releases from both bands – you won’t be disappointed).

Rating: 99%