Destructive Music Review - March 2014

Destructive Review - March 2014

I haven’t been looking forward to a release this much since the debut album from Old Corpse Road back in 2012. Now the Darlington black/folk troupe have returned and to make that pot of honey all the sweeter they have done so with The Infernal Sea, one of the UK’s finest black metal talents! Their split release out on May the first through Three Swords Records is going by the name of “Insidious Art and Serpentine” and features a track from each band!


The Infernal Sea Promo ShotThe Infernal Sea open with the nightmarish tones of psychological horror, chanting and brooding darkness. “Tannis Root” is their offering and its mental torment is slow to boil as the band take their time in roaring into life! As the rain dies away though The Infernal Sea do indeed roar and roar loudly with furious black metal riffs, blast beat drumming and venomous, blistering vocal work and all accompanied by the melodic, pitch black undertones that give “Tannis Root” its depraved, mysterious edge! Not only that but this track has a real anthem like quality too it in places as The Infernal Sea try and succeed in adding a little bit of everything they are good at into the one song! A masterful display from this black metal horde from the east (Of England)

Old Corpse Road Promo ShotI was somewhat surprised on first hearing the new offering of the might Old Corpse Road! “The Sockburn Worm” is by far the closest to traditional black metal that the band has come thus far, at least in my opinion and I have to tell you, I like it! Don’t fret though all you OCR lovers, there is still plenty of chants, folk undertones, synth godliness and of course the spoken word of Mike Wesson, but when OCR go black metal in this one it is pure fucking ravenous! As with any good (All) OCR songs though the waves of aggressive black metal are tempered by more melodic, down t earth moments of nature inspired folksy wisdom, acoustic fluttering and rabble rousing chants, but take nothing for granted, this is Old Corpse Road at their grimmest yet!