Destructive Music Review - January 2015

Destructive Music Review - January 2015


Reviewed by Steve Earles – 10/10

Three Swords Records

The split release is a fine way of showcasing the best the underground metal scene has to offer, and Old Corpse Road are no strangers to this fine format, contributing three tracks (including the now classic ‘Hob Headless Rises’) to a split with underground legends The Meads of Asphodel entitled ‘The Bones of This Land Are Not Speechless’ (Old Corpse Road)/ English Black Punk Metal (The Meads of Asphodel) released on Godreah Records.

Here, we have slab of 7” vinyl with one track from each band.

Side A belongs to the splendidly monickered ‘The Infernal Sea’ with a track entitled ‘Tannis Root’. Lyrically this track is inspired by the film Rosemary’s Baby’. Musically The Infernal Sea have combined inspiration from the Fenlands of East Anglia they hail from with the musical stylings of Darkthrone, Bathory, and especially Venom. There’s a devil-may-care attitude with this track (if you’ll pardon the pun) and a musical adroitness that’s good to hear, this is black metal with a hook. A band that deserves a much-higher profile in the future!

Side B features Old Corpse Road with ‘The Sockburn Worm’. As always Old Corpse Road draw inspiration from the history of the land they live in, weaving folk tales into a very modern form of metal. Telling the tale of a dragon (in old English ‘wyrm’ or worm meant dragon, as in Bram Stokers mad ‘The Lair of the White Worm’, and it’s equally mad film adaptation by the late great Ken Russell), OCR are modern day bards, carrying on this fantastic tale for a new generation. Musically, the band are flawless as always, fitting more ideas in one song than most bands do into an entire album.

A splendid release and an inspiring indication of what the British underground metal scene can produce. These bands deserve all our support.