Burning Fist Review - April 2014

Burning Fist Review - April 2014


The latest release from TIS sees a split 7″ vinyl along with another of favourite British extreme metal mob, Old Corpse Road. “Tannis Root” (if the term seems familiar, you’re probably a fan of classic horror…) is formed from the sound of falling rain and creaking trees. In the distance, you think you can hear whispered voices and chants. Sure enough, they are there, and with a crack of thunder, the riffing and blasting starts, with cries of “Give to us, a child…”.


The two track offering sees TIS’s sound being revamped and rejuvenated and coming across something akin to mid-period Satyricon but also builds their own sounds forged from “The Crypt Sessions”. The “live” feeling the band had previously tried to capture is still present, and the while the production is cleaner than the last release, the rawness also still there and certainly adds to the charm of the track.

Old Corpse Road’s track sees the Darlington 5-peice find another fascinating UK folklore tale to entertain us with. “The Sockburn Worm” is said to have been a terrifying Wyvern that destroyed the village of Sockburn in Durham and the story had apparently inspired the Lewis Carroll poem, “Jabberwocky”.

Of course, those that are familiar with OCR will know that this sort of thing is their bread and butter, and they’ve once again done a cracking job of bringing to life a tail of destruction. The 6 minutes on offer bring together all the classic OCF signature traits – buzzsaw guitars, screeched, growled, chanted and spoken-word vocals, solid drumming and more than a smattering of keyboards. Its quite the dramatic track as it sweeps from traditional black metal, through subtle folk-ish, almost, “sing-along” interludes, and i expect the track will prove very popular live as well.

British extreme metal is alive and well ladies and gentlemen… And its future is very much is safe hands.