Ben Murphy's Review - April 2014

Ben Murphy's Review - April 2014

A little later than expected, here I present to you the review of (the cleverly titled) Insidious Art and Serpentine Rites by The Infernal Sea and Old Corpse Road.

It’s easy to write a structured review of assessing each individual element of the music. The guitars sound like this, the drums sound like that… However I’m going to focus this more on how this masterpiece made me feel on whole as in this particular case, I certainly feel that’s important. Let’s kick it off – short but to the point, just like the vinyl.


The music is deep, cold and foreboding – a perfect reflection of the superb packaging and artwork of this that fans of The Infernal Sea will be familiar with from previous releases. It’s artwork is classic and akin to releases of the old underground black metal era – unearthed from the cold, dead earth. This is incredibly apt and a lustrous example of what follows.

To begin with, Tannis Root from The Infernal Sea starts with an ominous introduction – a tense and highly strung hiatus before the guitars thunder and the drums lose their shit in an explosive display of pure energy that is carried throughout. There’s a real sense of organised aggression – this is music that has been refined and perfected but doesn’t lose that hellish, sacrificial vibe. The relentless attitude the music exudes is well thought out – at one point a chant breaks out to creep a smile onto your face and nod your head to as you sip wine from a hollowed skull. It’s mature and accomplished – a fine ground for The Infernal Sea and hopefully a glimpse at what is to come.

The Sockburn Worm from Old Corpse Road tells the tale of the infamous British legend that inspired Lewis Carroll to write the Jabberwocky. It is a tale of a ferocious wyvern that laid waste to the village of Sockburn in the North East of England (don’t worry, it’s s­till there). I can’t begin to explain how exciting this piece is. The rolling organs synced with the original guitar composition, the eloquent breaks and mood changes along with the screams, the growls, the howls and the gregorian vocals makes up something that is both strikingly original but also warmingly familiar.

You can easily listen to The Sockburn Worm again and again finding something new to pick out. It’s something that a lot of us have been missing from our lives and serves well as a work of art by all accounts. If I’m incredibly honest, this is the first I’ve ever heard of this band but will most definitely not be the last.

The Infernal Sea – 4.5/5. Following these guys progression from day one up until now has been immense. This is the future and the future is so very, very dark… Fans of Behemoth will settle nicely here and as always, I can’t wait to see what happens next. The only thing stopping this from receiving full marks is the slightly over long introduction purely because it’s like being in the queue for your favourite gig – you just want the music. Otherwise, one of The Infernal Sea’s best tracks.

Old Corpse Road – 5/5 (with 5 bonus nostalgia points). Truly cannot fault – I loved the mix, the composition and the early Cradle of Filth sound. It’s raw, but somehow glorious and completely well written. Pagan/folk black metal that is very, very British in a perfect way.

Insidious Art and Serpentine Rites – 9.5/10. Short but incredibly well executed. Two bands in the black metal spectrum standing as individuals in their unique endeavours.

All that’s left to do for you all if you haven’t done so already is click the link below and eagerly await Mr Postman for this epic split that won’t soon be forgotten.

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