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20th November 2016 - Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham

Sunday Time  19:30 Entry £5
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Hibernacula Records Presents:

Sacrificial Acts Below The Industrial Capital.

Old Corpse Road
Old Corpse Road bring Blackened Folk Metal from the County Durham landscape of Darlington, crafting songs about British Folklore, rich in history and atmosphere. One of the main staples of UK Black metal, the band have released three records to high acclaim in the underground metal community and beyond. Their newest record "Of Campfires And Evening Mists" is available through Cacophonous Records.

Exquisite Ending
Exquisite Ending produce black metal encompassing an introspective self-loathing catastrophe of melodic movement and unrelenting rawness, combined with occult and ritualistic ideologies of "Misanthropism" a religious cult created by the band to emanate their hatred towards mankind.

Aklash marry the old ways of Bathory era black metal with modern day atmospherics and melodic movement. From the gutteral wretches and tremalo picking fury to souring violins and dark folk elements. This band captivate, move and bury you in melancholy

The dark, brooding Nottingham Based 5 piece are new to the scene but already making waves with their melancholic atmosphere, ethereal melodies and their deep grounding in the roots of what makes black metal great, A band to definitely see before they become the next big thing!

20th Of November
Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham
£5 OTD
18 +




Scruffy Murphys
Newton Street
Dale End
B4 7LN