Newsletter #4


A New Decade

The forthcoming year is set to be a busy period for the band. With the turning of the decade, the band created a new and improved website which can be seen at the usual web address Here you will find a few new features along with a new autumnal photo shoot taken at West Cemetery in Darlington.

Pre-order “The Bones of this Land are not Speechless” Split CD
There have been some changes regarding the up and coming split with the Worms of Sabnock. Sadly the Worms of Sabnock have had to pull out of the release, however we are delighted to announce that the EP will now be released with the mighty Meads of Asphodel! The split is set for release in March and is available for pre-order now from Godreah Records (

The Bones of this Land are not Speechless
1. Hob Headless Rises
2. The Devil's Footprints
3. The Witch of Wookey Hole

English Black Punk Metal
4. Intro / On the Surface
5. Same Mind
6. Nazi
7. Protest and Resist
8. War Drum
9. You Really Got Me

£7.00 post paid UK
£8.00 post paid Europe
£10.00 post paid World

PayPal payments to

Cheques payable to Godreah Records
33 Lilac Road

We simply cannot wait to unleash this mighty slab of UK black metal upon the world. Until then, here’s the latest from the OCR camp.

Let’s Get This Show on the (Old Corpse) Road
Following the release of the EP, the band plan to play as much as possible across the country and possibly beyond. Sadly as some of you will know, our first gig of the year in London was cancelled. Despite this the band has built a strong bond with the promoter, Shield Wall Promotions and a reschedule should be imminent along with more to come. Below is a list of our confirmed dates so far:

18th July 2010 – East Riding Rock Festival: With Blaze Bayley, Akercocke, Hecate Enthroned, Ravenage and many more.

24th July 2010 – Leeds Rios Sweeney Todds: With Hecate Enthroned, Valrog and Nierty

2nd October 2010 – Fires of Rebellion Night Wakefield: With Bran Barr, Nydvind, Annwn, Cnoc An Tursa, Windrider and Fortrius

We hope to see you all on the road over the year. Several more gigs are in the pipeline and as soon as we have more concrete details confirmed we will let you know. The best place to check on all of our live dates is

The band have recently donated “The Old Corpse Road” track to a compilation through Lovely Time Promotions. The “No More Apathy Vol.2” compilation is available for free download from the following site and features tracks from other underground artists.

The band will also be providing a track to an as yet untitled UK black metal compilation courtesy of Anti from Intra Tenebrae. For more information please visit

Local Media Coverage
Old Corpse Road have recently received some attention from the local media. “The Old Corpse Road” track from the demo was aired on BBC Radio Tees as part of BBC Introducing. We also featured in one of the biggest local newspapers, The Northern Echo and have been interviewed for another local paper, The Herald and Post.

Still More Reviews!
The band are still receiving positive reviews for the demo “The Echoes of Tales Once Told”. The latest reviews are from:

MetalBite 8.6/10


Pest Webzine

The Metal Observer 7.5/10

Lastly, to all of those who have shown your support during 2009 we salute you. So here’s to a new and exciting year for UK black metal and for Old Corpse Road.
Farewell travellers, until we meet again…

Farewell travellers, until we meet again…

The Wraiths

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