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Band Members

The Bearer

Guitars and Vocals

Born a Leo in August 1984. He first began playing the guitar at the age of 10 and began playing in various metal bands from the age of 11. Inspired by many styles of music but mainly black metal and its associated styles such as ambient and folk music. He enjoys exploring Britain's natural scenery and is heavily inspired by this. The Bearer gains a lot of inspiration from his fellow band mates and longtime friends.


The Dreamer

Percussion and Vocals

Born 30.5.1977 in Darlington, The Dreamer trained in brass band music but began playing the drums after wanting to expand his musical horizons. Playing in several metal bands over the years, the Old Corpse Road arose from their ashes and fulfilled his desire to play dark, passionate music with other like minded musicians.


The Revenant

Guitars and Vocals

The Revenant started playing guitar at the age of 15, as a pastime which grew into a full time obsession. At 18 The Revenant joined his first serious metal band, and to the shock of himself and the band he discovered his unique black metal scream.

The Revenant has been very much into art for as long as he can remember. It is on rare occasions you will find him without a pen or pencil in his hand doodling away. These sketches invariably end up becoming a design or the basis for an OCR drawing .


The Seer

Guitars and Vocals

The Seer started his musical journey aged 13, singing in punk bands and practicing thrash riffs on his guitar. At college he met all the other members of the band, albeit before most of them were fully aquainted with one another, and joined his first metal band along with The Bearer. At college he also discovered his love for both music and technology could be combined, and learned the craft of sound engineering.

Many bands, gigs and years later he would produce all of Old Corpse Road’s output, eventually joining them on guitar as a stand-in during The Revenant’s hiatus, but remaining as a full-time member to this day. His musical influences are diverse, ranging not only across the spectrum of extreme metal, but to indie, folk, experimental, electronica, and other more extreme genres such as breakcore.


The Wanderer

Bass and Spoken Word

During his 10th year the Wanderers interest in music began to take definite shape mixing as many influences as possible from an eclectic mix of genres. Originally trained in the guitar his soul and passion eventually lead him to the bass guitar.

Bands and live experiences were soon required and followed quickly. The Wanderer continues to be pushed forward through the experiences he undergoes, and those of his greatest friends and companions. Taking as much from life and the nature of the world as possible to further his knowledge. He will continue to push his limits always.


The Watcher

Keyboards and Vocals

The Watcher has been a part of the Darlington music scene since 2000 having been vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Anserine formed whilst still in school. Also playing in bands such as Absent Star and the The Apathy Syndrome he soon took up screaming duties. Later he formed along with members other band members the doom drone band Khunnt. After any years searching the Watcher finally found a place where he could express his darker musical leanings, in the form of Old Corpse Road.