Tir Nan Og

Tir Nan Og is the land to which the Irish faeries known as Tuatha de Danann fled when their lands were taken by the Milesians. In Tir Nan Og they spend their days feasting, gaming, love-making and partaking of beautiful music. The faeries can even enjoy the thrill of battle, for anyone slain is resurected the following day. It is the paradise that mortals can only dream of.

Tir Nan Og, the Land of the Ever-Young, lies to the West, seen by humans through a chill sea mist, a land of eternal Springtime, where all is peace and happiness. No map made by human hands could guide you there...it is only by the will of the faerie folk that one may enter that enchanted domain. Occasionally, they grow curious about the humans who live on the other side of the Great Mist, or need to strengthen themselves with a fresh and vigorous human bloodline--and that is when they step out of their dark forests, through the silvery mist to be called into Legend…

The Celtic fairyland-paradise was a country of eternal youth with a wonderful fountain at its center, dispensing the waters of life. The fountain was also identified with the Cauldron of Regeneration. Several stories told of heroes reaching the fountain by entering a dragon-mouth - a mythic metaphor for the dangerous vagina dentata or menstrual taboo.